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Altex - Hynerian body organz

Ammiox - tool to alleviate Moya's amnexus problems

Amnexus - part of Moya's internal systems

Arn - unit of time roughly equivalent to one Earth hour

Aurora Chair - experimental torture device used by Scorpius to interogate prisoners, which projects their memories onto a screen


Barkan - Hynerian animal analogous to a bat, as in: He blasted out of there like a barkan out of Hezmana!

Bassim oil - a possession of Zhaan's that Chiana snurches

Blotching - mild expletive used by Furlow, the engineer at Dam-Ba-Da depot: Twice as blotching long as it would if w you weren't here.

Bonosphere - outer layer of the atmosphere on Furlow's planet


Cholian curd salad - Hynerican delicacy

Contala tea - a Luxan drink

Crank - mild Zenetan explenetive: They blasted the crank out of me!

Cycle - unit of time roughly equivalent of one Earth year


Dag-yo - Nebari term for cool, a word the translator microbes can't cope with

Das-trak krjtor - Scarran expletive

Dench - unit of measurement roughly equivalent to 1 inch: I want a three point grid search of every square dench of this asteroid.

Draz - mild Nebari expletive: We can StarBurst the draz out of here!

Dren - universal term for rubbish (sometimes used in a stronger form): All this analysis dren comes really naturally to you.


Eema - Luxan equivalent of backside, as in when D'Argo tells Chiana: You are a real pain in the eema!


Fahrbot - Hynerian word for insanity, as in: You're not just fahrbot, you're magra-fahrbot!

Fellip - creature from Tarsis from whom nectar is taken to make an alcoholic drink

Flillgran - a Delvian plant

Frangle - an enging part (possibly non-exsistent, since Furlow is trying to bamboozle Crichton when she says it)

Frell - Sebacean explentive, as in: What the frell is causing that magnetic anomaly?

Frotash - type of Luxan garden which D'Argo would like to plant


Gah - Nebari explentive

Glarion frost point - a very low temperature; temperature benchmark (in reference to cryo-stasis)

Greebols - Nebari term for a fool: Why do I always get stuck with the greebols that don't have any plan?

Grezz - another possibly non-existent engine part; see Frangle

Gris - Nebari term similar to dren, as in: We beat the gris out of them!

Grolack - a feast item

Grotless - Nebari term for 'out of my wits': I'm scared grotless!


Hentas - Hynerian unit of short measurement: A bomb, mere hentas from where I was...

Hepatian minced stew - a feast item

Hetch drive - the engine put in Farscape 1 after Crichton burns off the last of the fuel

Hezmana - Luxan term for Hell: Where in the hezmana is that siren coming from?


Jelifan fire paste - an explosive

Jinka poles - Sebacean term, as in: You damage the captain's prize and he'll have both your head's on jinka poles!

Juka - expletive used by the botanist Br'Nee

Juxt - mild Hynerian expletive: What the juxt was that?!


Kal tenaga, chvoko - Sebacean phrase roughly translated as ' a crowning glory'

Karjik Pulse - form of tracking device used by the Peacekeepers, attuned to energy sources

Krawldar - Hynerian delicacy

Kronite - remnants of past Peacekeeper cargo which have explosive properties


Lerg - Sebacean number as in: Level four, number six lerg five

Living Death - Sebacean name for an irreversible comatose state induced by exposure to high temperatures

Lutra oil - a volatile explosive


Marauder - Peacekeeper assault ship

Marjols - a delicacy enjoyed by Hynerians

Masata - Acquaran term for saviour

Mellet - something that is not very pleasant served chopped

Microt - united of time roughly equivalent to one Earth second

Mivonks - intimate male body part, as in: She's clearly leading D'Argo around by his mivonks


Nerfer - Sebacean term for somone who plays by-the-book: Guess he's not as big a nerfer as I thought he was.

Numnas - derogative Sebacean expression for guts, as in: You haven't got the numnas to go through with this!


Panthak jab - a type of blow used by Peacekeepers in battle to knock out a foe

Paraphoral nerve - part of Sebacean anatomy which facilitates the removal of toxins from the body, but does not regenerate when damaged. (This is similar to the function of the liver in th human body)

Pedrark - Luxan festival

Pleebig - mild expletive used by Furlow: I'm not a pleebig occular physician.

Pneuma - something vital to Delvians: I would risk my pneuma for a chance to go home.

Prabakto - Hynerian term for rascal, as in: Just go, you lucky prabakto.

Pronga - animal whose smoked sinew is easy to prepare

Prowler - two-seater, top-of-the-line Peacekeeper ship similar to a jet fighter


Qualta Blade/Qualta Riffle - Luxan weapon, serving as both a pulse riffle and a twin-bladed weapon powerful enough to cut through stone


Raslak - hot, strong drink server on Peacekeeper bases (probably alcoholic)