• Blue Collar Man

    (PG-13) Season 4. He'd declared that family don't end with blood, and from the moment he'd met them, Bobby had lived that truth. In a search for something to save Sam from his destiny, Dean finds a journal that changes desperation into hope. Blood Brothers zine.

  • Buried Secrets

    (PG-13) Missing Scene from episode 4.16, On The Head Of A Pin. Sam's POV. What happened with the brothers while the angels were busy dancing?

  • Deep Waters

    (PG-13) Season 2. In the wake of John's death, the boys investigate mysterious drownings on a ferry boat and end up fighting to not be pulled beneath the surface. Previously printed in zine: Roadtrip With My Brother, 7

  • Desolation Angels

    (PG-13) This story is set in Season 1, overlapping the ending of 1X12, Faith. While Dean struggles to keep his head in the game after being healed, Sam works to come to grips with John's purposeful distance. The last thing they need is to run sideways of two brothers hunting for buried pirate treasure...

  • Devil Game

    (PG-13) Sam's painful, overpowering visions of a ritualistic murder send him into the arms of a feisty witness, while Dean fights to determine if their foe is demon or human. The answer forces Sam to make an impossible choice.

  • Fate

    (PG) Tag to 2.20, What Is and What Should Never Be. Somewhere between the life they know and the life they want is the life they are meant to live. Dean's sacrifice as told through Sam's eyes...

  • Fix You

    (PG-13) Set immediately after 2.02, Everybody Loves a Clown. They can fix the impossible, save the innocent, but when it comes to wounds too deep for tears, and scars left on a beating heart, the brothers realize some things may be too broken. This story was originally written in the fall of 2007 for the fanzine Brotherhood 8; printed by Pyramid Press.

  • Gravity

    Rating: PG-13

    (PG-13) One hunt, three moments. Dean feels the weight of his sacrifice as the horror and honesty of his life press down. Set after 3.05, Bedtime Stories, and inspired by Staind's Devil

  • Hear No Evil

    Rating: PG-13

    (PG-13) Season 2, set after 2.15, Tall Tales and before 2.16, Roadkill. The trickster left the brothers in need of a clean hunt. An explosion turns a routine spirit hunt into anything but clean. Dean must deal with the ramifications, while Sam tries to finish the job and help his brother pick up the pieces.

  • Heroes for Ghosts

    Rating: PG-13

    (PG-13) This story is set in Season 1 after 1.16, Shadow. In an attempt to save a disillusioned hunter from himself, Dean and Sam are caught in a spell that sends them to 1870 Texas. Surviving the old west is hard enough. Escaping it could prove to be impossible. This plot asks that you suspend reality a wee bit. I've worked to keep it as close to canon as I could, and I hope that you trust me to carry our heroes through this journey to a satisfying end.

  • Holding On To Let Go

    Rating: PG-13

    (PG-13) Season 1, Following John's coordinates, the boys prepare to battle a witch. When they discover a greater evil is at work, can Sam save Dean's life or will his brother's pain become his own?

  • In The Light

    Rating: PG-13

    (PG-13) Set in Season 2, after BUABS. There is no rest for the weary. An old friend and a new hunt pits Dean against the elements and Sam against himself as the brothers fight for each other and for survival.

  • Into The Fire

    Rating: PG-13

    (PG-13) Season 2, The brother's strengths are tested when they are confronted by both a supernatural threat... and a human one. Dean must face his fear of losing his brother in order to save not only Sam, but himself as well.

  • Just Cause

    Rating: PG-13

    (PG-13) Season 3. The majority is set after 3.12, Jus In Bello. But there are spoilers for all of Season 3. Picking up the pieces from a soul-crushing loss, Sam works to find a way to regain focus as Dean escapes his destiny inside another hunt. But this time, will 'acceptable losses' include the Winchesters?

  • Linger

    Rating: PG-13

    (PG-13) An explosion removes his identity, puts him in the hands of a stranger, and forces him to fight his way back from darkness. If everything he knows is taken away, who can he trust? Who is he, really? And what if he doesn't want to remember?

  • Masks

    Rating: PG-13

    (PG-13) Tag to Hollywood Babylon. Dean knows the right lines to say and the right role to play for every moment... until the moments start to play him.

  • Midnight Clear

    Rating: PG-13

    (PG-13) When Dean and Sam encounter a coma-inducing witch it could be the answer to Sam's prayers...or the death of his brother this lonely yuletide season... Just who or what is Boz, and can she fix the unfixable? T for language. Written for VS Christmas, 2007

  • No Dominion

    Rating: PG-13

    (PG-13) Four moments in the span of a hundred, four lessons in sacrifice, four chances to save him, and only one to say what he really means. 

  • No Quarter

    Rating: PG-13

    (PG-13) Originally written for Brotherhood 2 zine. Dean and Sam are pitted against a powerful evil as they fight a battle in a timeless town. Dean's inner demons threaten to defeat him as the brothers struggle to survive.