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Rating: G

Synopsis: Fluf and what'ifs and a song stuck in my head. Nothing more.

Fatigue seemed to be an integral part of his being these days. He knew why, knew that hard physical labor had nothing on the mental jumps he did every day. It was hard work, harder than anything he'd ever done before, and it wore him out; mentally as well as physically. So, what was a guy to do? He had given his word that he would work on this project. The only thing he asked for in return was that they left him alone when work was done, that nobody hounded him, followed him, asked him questions, once he left the lab and returned home.

Another day and another step closer to completing the work he was asked to do, he once again returned to the apartment that was his; a little haven amidst insanity. Calm serenity, cool, fresh air, silence to sooth frayed nerves. That was what he needed. He stopped in front of the door and eyed its plain surface for a moment. Then he sighed and opened it.

The second the door cracked open, he was almost overpowered by loud music coming from within. Stumped, he remained on the doorstep and listened with a frown to the thumping beat. He recognized that tune, had heard it before, and although his first sensation had been one of annoyance that his haven had been invaded, the tune still brought a smile to his lips.

He cleared the doorway and closed the door behind him before walking briskly over to the open door leading into the livingroom. There, with her back to the door, stood Aeryn at the dining table, her pulse pistol in pieces before her, while she was cleaning it and swaying along to the rhythm of the song.

John folded his arms over his chest and leaned his shoulder against the doorframe with a smirk on his lips. She rarely let go completely and when she did, he usually tried to savor the moment it happened by not interrupting her.

"I couldn't figure why – you couldn't give me what everybody needs – I shouldn't let you kick me when I'm down – my baby – I find out everybody knows that – you've been using me – I'm surprised you – let me stay around you – one day I'm gonna lift the cover – and look inside your heart – we gotta level before we go – and tear this love apart," she sang along on the song while polishing the pieces of her gun.

John just watched her and grinned to himself. He had never been that big a fan of the BeeGees, but when Aeryn sang the song along with them, he couldn't help loving it.

The more the rhythm increased, the more she danced along with it and he was beginning to wonder if he should alert her to his presence when she suddenly turned around, a grin on her lips as well. She had been fully aware of his presence, as always.

"There's no fight you can't fight – this battle of love with me – you win again – so little time – we do nothing but compete – there's no life on earth – no other could see me through – you win again – some never try – but if anybody can, we can – and I'll be, I'll be – following you."

She edged closer to him, swaying her hips, her tank-top revealing some of her stomach when she raised her arms up over her head, her movements becoming more suggestive the closer she came.

And still John remained where he was, although he wasn't grinning so much any more. His cheeks were flushed with heat and he just couldn't take his eyes off this lovely creature that was all his.

"Oh baby I shake you from now on – I'm gonna break down your defenses – one by one – I'm gonna hit you from all sides – lay your fortress open wide – nobody stops this body from – taking you," she continued to sing along. Still moving suggestively, she pressed up against him when she reached him, wrapped her hands around his face and kissed him.

John slipped his arms around her waist and smirked again. "You like the BeeGees, eh?" he asked.

She grinned. "Yes, I do. Good beat," she replied, pulled the remote out of her pocket and paused the song.

"And I never thought you'd adjust to living on Earth," he replied and nuzzled her nose with his.

"Just goes to show how little you know about females," she countered with a grin.

John groaned. "You've been talking to Olivia again, haven't you?" he demanded. The worst that could happen was when his lovely wife got together with his sister. Olivia was good at putting ideas in Aeryn's head. Not that any of them had been bad so far, he reminded himself.

"Yes, I have. We went shopping this morning," Aeryn agreed. "So, how's the project going? Are you about ready to send Human kind out into the universe?"

"Not quite," he said and sighed. "A few more adjustments. A day or two more. That's all. Then we can do what we want." He kissed her back and then leaned back a little to eye her closely. "What do you wanna do once I'm done?"

She eyed him thoughtfully for a moment, then grinned, switched the song back on and slipped out of his arms while the rhythm of the song thumped on. "Let's go home," she said, turned the volume up some more and returned to what she had been doing.

"You better beware, I swear – I'm gonna be there one day when you fall – I could never let you cast aside – the greatest love of all," she sang.

All John could do was watch her and agree with her. She had won again just by being who she was.

The End