Rating: PG-13

a/n The sutra on the paper in the hunter's pocket is the Sutra on the Eight Realizations.

Special thanks to Ojibwegurl who was kind enough to help me find Abe's Indian name, Migizi or Eagle.

The sutra they read is the Sutra on the Eight Realizations.

The lyrics at the beginning of each chapter have all been excerpts from Zeppelin's fantastic In the Light—the inspiration for the title of this story—and each excerpt has meant something to the particular chapter assigned. This excerpt, however, not only means something to the chapter, but also to me.


Ojibwa translations:

Nagazh, Leave

"You gii-mino-izhichige" means "You have done well."

"He ayaa" means "He is safe."

Migizi means eagle

Maajaan azhigwa means "Leave now."

Latin translation (and the spell is totally made up):

lux lucis in obscurum light into the darkness

animus fused ut unus souls fused as one

contemno an cassus canvass hate's an empty canvass

diligo est laxo love is undone

exsisto iam ut vos errant be now as you were

reverto ut pectus pectoris return to the heart

haud magis mos vos ago no more will you live

illa lacuna ego affero these words I impart



Wheel In the Sky by Journey

Hush by Deep Purple

Spellbound by Triumph

Dream On by Aerosmith

Baby Did a Bad, Bad Thing by Chris Isaak

Running Up That Hillby Placebo

For You by Staind

Abandoned and Alone by Bad Company

Highway to Hell by AC/DC

Crawling by Linkin Park

Turn the Page by Bob Seger (and the Silver Bullet Band)

Lunatic Fringe by Tom Cochrane/ Red Rider

As Tears Go By by The Rolling Stones

Nothing Else Matters by Metallica (Quite possibly my favorite lyrics. Ever.)

Cheap Sunglasses by ZZ Top

Thunderstruck by AC/DC

Night Moves by Bob Segar

Carry on Wayward Son by Kansas (Dude, I had to…it's so their theme)